Negative Creeps: 10 Best Unlikeable Movie Antiheroes

From antisocial boy geniuses to 'God's lonely man' vigilantes, here's a look back at some memorable screen 'heroes' we'd cross the street to avoid

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2. Norman Bates ('Psycho,' 1960)

You could argue that Norman Bates, enterprising young hospitality entrepreneur and first-class mama's boy, is the villain of Alfred Hitchcock's horror masterpiece, and that he's not an antihero at all. But once Janet Leigh steps into film history's most famous shower, ask yourself: who do you most identify with? Martin Balsam's detective? John Gavin's spurned boyfriend? Possibly Vera Miles' concerned sister? It's part of the warped genius of Hitchcock's movie that it makes you actually side with Bates, despite the fact that he's a peeping Tom, an odd duck and, well, someone with a few issues regarding his dear old ma. (Although to be fair, a boy's best friend is his mother.) Anthony Perkins essentially set the standard for characters that repulse you and inexplicably still have you hoping they get away with murder. Modern cinematic creepiness starts with Norman — even if he wouldn't even hurt a fly.

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