10 Best Things We Saw at Sundance 2015

From a 17th-century horror movie to the definitive Kurt Cobain doc, here are our best of the fest

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'The End of the Tour'

'The End of the Tour'

First, the ultimate relief: Nobody failed David Foster Wallace in the making of this movie. The film unfolds during the final days of the Infinite Jest press tour, which reporter David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) spent with the late author (Jason Segel) for a never-published Rolling Stone interview. Director James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) has proved incapable of shallowness, and here he captures the nuances of the journalist/subject relationship with an almost uncomfortable precision. Both men oscillate between arrogance and insecurity, mutual appreciation and envy, wariness and camaraderie, until there is nothing left to be said, only the sense that a moment has passed. PR

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