10 Best Things We Saw at Sundance 2015
'The Witch,' left, and 'Mistress America'

A little over a week ago, we pored through the 2015 Sundance Film Festival's lineup and choose the 25 films we were dying to see. Now, as the fest winds down, we can look back at that list and, being so much older and wiser now, marvel at the choices we made. Some of our picks turned out to be mild disappointments (The D Train). Some were outright disasters (let's pretend The Bronze never, ever happened). And some of what ended up being our favorite Sundance movies, such as The Witch, didn't even make the original list — the idea that a left-field pick can suddenly go from virtually ignored to buzz-worthy to a best-of-show candidate is part of what makes the annual trek to Park City exciting. Here are the 10 best things we saw at this year's fest. With any luck, they'll all be coming to theater near you, very, very soon.