10 Best Movies We Saw at Toronto Film Festival 2016

A modern musical, a First Lady biopic, a gunfire free-for-all and the glory that is 'Moonlight' — our picks for the best of the 2016 fest

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'Nocturnal Animals'

For his second go in the director's chair, designer Tom Ford offers audiences two pulpy, borderline-absurd treats for the price of one. In the "real" world, art dealer Amy Adams puzzles over whether or not to reconnect with her novelist ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) after he sends her his disturbing new manuscript. Then we step inside the book itself, where a pair of rural criminals make life a living hell for a family man (also Gyllenhaal) by murdering his wife and child. Add Michael Shannon as a West Texas lawman who doesn't play by the rules, and it's high-art, high-camp bliss for all. CB

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