10 Best Movies We Saw at Toronto Film Festival 2016

A modern musical, a First Lady biopic, a gunfire free-for-all and the glory that is 'Moonlight' — our picks for the best of the 2016 fest

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Natalie Portman plays Jacqueline Kennedy, in the days after her husband's assassination: this had Oscarbait written in permanent marker all over it going into the festival. So imagine the surprise when viewers discovered that Chilean director Pablo Larrain (No) and screenwriter Noah Oppenheim turn the First Lady's preparations for laying her husband to rest into a mixed-media, mashed-up mediation on politics, living in the public eye, and grief — and that Portman would give what's inarguably her greatest performance to date, patrician accent and all. You'd have thought that everything about that pivotal moment in American history had already been said. You'd have been wrong. DF

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