10 Best Movies We Saw at Toronto Film Festival 2016

A modern musical, a First Lady biopic, a gunfire free-for-all and the glory that is 'Moonlight' — our picks for the best of the 2016 fest

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'In the Blood'

Veteran Danish screenwriter Rasmus Heisterberg tries his hand behind the camera in this finely shaded character study about medical student Simon (Kristoffer Bech) methodically alienating everyone close to him. He’s jealously possessive of his best friend (Elliot Crosset Hove), much to the chagrin of his buddy's girlfriend (Lea Gergersen). As the trio spend their days getting high and luxuriating in their own privilege, our hero sinks further into self-destruction. It's your classic getting-your-shit-together quarterlife-crisis narrative, sketched with uncommon intelligence and nuance. CB

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