10 Best Movies We Saw at Toronto Film Festival 2016
From First Lady biopic ‘Jackie’ to modern musical 'La La Land' — here are some of the best movies at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016.

Folks went into the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival hearing that the movies were "dead," as several articles declared the summer season to be the medium's swan song and the Internet Rage Complex batted around the straw-man argument of the day. By the time you left the annual Canadian celebration of big-name Oscar hopefuls, brand-name auterist works, docs on everything from the racial state of our nation to the Stooges, IMAX pet projects and even a pulpy revenge thriller about a hitman surgically altered into a hitwoman, however, it was impossible not to think that the art form was still alive, well and living in the Great White North. Summer blockbusters that rely on recycling the same material ad nauseaum and expect to coast by old viewing habits? Yeah, they're not doing so hot right now. The movies? From what we saw at the film festival this year, the epitaphs could not be more premature. Here are the 10 best things we caught at TIFF 2016. Trust us when we say that there are some serious cinematic treasures heading your way soon.