12 Best Movies We Saw at Sundance 2016

From Polish mermaid musicals to NYC political-meltdown docs, these had us buzzing at the Utah film festival

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'The Fits'
Paul Yee11/12

'The Fits'

An 11-year-old girl (Royalty Hightower) has her head in the Cincinnati community center boxing gym, but her heart is with the troupe of teens who practice elaborate dance routines next door. Through sheer determination, she joins the squad  — and then a mysterious rash of epileptic-like "fits" start to occur among the group's alpha females, and the quiet prepubescent wonders if she's next. Director Anna Rose Holmer turns this coming-of-age movie into a dreamy, dread-inducing portrait of a young woman in full self-discovery mode, with woozy dollops of magical realism and next-level spiritual transcendence mixing it up with mesmerizing drill routines. And whether she's hitting the heavy bag, practicing her moves or simply silently observing everything around her, Hightower holds the screen like a pro. This kid is already a star. DF

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