10 Best Movies We Saw at 2017 Toronto Film Festival

From Louis C.K.'s cringe-comedy to a female coming-of-age movie, a tennis-coach doc to 'The Disaster Artist' – our picks for the best of the fest

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'The Disaster Artist'

'The Disaster Artist'

In which James Franco takes a break from book-report moviemaking, makes a great film about a strong contender for the worst film ever made, and proves he's actually capable of being an artist behind the camera. Recounting the making of cult classic The Room, the multihyphenate uses the bond between Tommy Wiseau – a mystery man blessed with a thick "New Orleans" accent, infinite funds and no sense of shame – and would-be actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) as a grounding element. But this is really an epic tale of doing whatever it takes to follow your fever dream, even if said dream involves inexplicable football games and a burning desire to show your ass onscreen. No movie has walked the tightrope between mockery and genuine affection so deftly.

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