10 Best Movies We Saw at 2017 Toronto Film Festival

From Louis C.K.'s cringe-comedy to a female coming-of-age movie, a tennis-coach doc to 'The Disaster Artist' – our picks for the best of the fest

'The Death of Stalin'

'The Death of Stalin'

Armando Iannucci, the man who gave you In the Loop's shit-talking spin doctor and Veep's pottymouthed POTUS, rewinds to 20th-century Russia and crafts a brilliant satire around Josef Stalin going to that great gulag in the sky. Once the Great Leader bites the dust, a host of underlings began jockeying for politburo pole positions and commit major Party fouls. A crack ensemble featuring Steve Buscemi (as Kruschev!), Jeffrey Tambor, Andrea Riseborough, Python alumnus Michael Palin and Simon Russell Beale know exactly how to volley the varsity-level insults and engage in advanced oneupmanship competitions. Meanwhile, the writer-director trots out his darkest gallows humor and dissects what petty people will do in the name of power. Any resemblance to modern world affairs is not a coincidence.