10 Best Movies We Saw at 2017 Toronto Film Festival

From Louis C.K.'s cringe-comedy to a female coming-of-age movie, a tennis-coach doc to 'The Disaster Artist' – our picks for the best of the fest

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'I Love You, Daddy'

'I Love You, Daddy'

No other movie – not even the P.C.-crowd–baiting battle rap midnight movie Bodied – attracted more controversy or generated more chatter than Louis C.K.'s comedy about a successful showbiz schlub (guess who?), his nubile teenage daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) and his personal hero, a renowned filmmaker (John Malkovich) – the same one who starts making aggressive moves on his kid. This would be a minefield even if its creator weren't dealing with rumors regarding his own alleged bad behavior; as it is, the movie's questioning of whether great art excuses artists with personal failings and how privilege plays into it ("I guess only poor people are pedophiles," says one character) comes with C.K.'s usual sharp wit, anything-goes experimentation (that black-and-white cinematography, those old-school Hollywood credits) and a refusal to offer up easy answers.

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