10 Best Movies We Saw at 2017 Toronto Film Festival

From Louis C.K.'s cringe-comedy to a female coming-of-age movie, a tennis-coach doc to 'The Disaster Artist' – our picks for the best of the fest

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Fans of Lebanon, Samuel Moaz's incredible 2009 fictional film debut about life during wartime for a tank patrol, wondered what he was going to do for a follow-up. The answer was to bring the critique of Israeli military culture back to the homefront. A father (Lior Ashkenazi, Israel's answer to George Clooney) loses his shit over a bureaucratic screw-up by Army brass; meanwhile, his son (Yonaton Shiray), who's doing mandatory service at a border patrol, finds himself dealing with the numbing boredom of his situation and the sense of cruelty that rides shotgun. It's a damning indictment that's already stirred up controversy back in Moaz's native Israel, as well as a tragicomic tale that's ambitious enough to include near-pornographic animation and the greatest dancing-soldier scene this side of Beau Travail.

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