10 Best Horror Movies of 2017

From French cannibals to Aussie serial killers, 'Split' to 'Get Out' – our picks for the year's scariest shockers and beyond-great genre films

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8. 'The Devil's Candy'

Australian cult filmmaker Sean Byrne belatedly follows up his 2009 splatter classic The Loved Ones with an eerie phantasmagorical thriller. A heavy metal-loving visual artist (Ethan Embry) moves his family to a disreputable country estate. There, he succumbs to blackouts, and starts filling canvasses with grotesque visions that may be demonically inspired … or may be a warning that he and his wife (Shiri Appleby) should pay closer attention to their endangered teen daughter. Byrne concocts gorgeously freaky images, while telling a story bound to terrify all permissive parents. NM

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