10 Best Horror Movies of 2015

From meta-slasher flicks to creepy body-horror parables, the year's high points of scares

'The Final Girls'

10. 'The Final Girls'

As an intergenerational summer camp slaughterfest, this meta-slasher flick has remarkably little interest in homage (faithfully recreating the atmosphere of films like The Burning isn't a focus), and even less in using its movie-within-a-movie as a comment on tropes and cliché. Instead, director Todd Strauss-Schulson's stylish film (written by M.A. Fortin & Near Dark actor Joshua John Miller) is a delightful party that sneakily reveals an emotional punch, as a daughter is reconnected with her late actress mother via the latter's most famous role. Who ever thought a hyperactive horror-comedy would make us tear up to Kim Carnes? SZ