10 Best Documentaries of 2017

From families in Philly to protests in Ferguson, sweat shops in Calcutta to head trips in Haight-Ashbury – our picks for the year's best, boldest docs

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3. 'All These Sleepless Nights'

And now for something completely different. Imagine the children of Marx and Coca-Cola updated for the Drake-and-Red-Bull era – that's the generation at the center of Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak's blissful, brilliant docu-fiction hybrid about two Warsaw art-school students drifting through their twenties. This year-in-the-life portrait drops filmgoers in the middle of late-night drunken revelries, early-morning raves and all-day philosophical hang-out sessions; it also throws in a few sexual encounters for kicks. Mostly, it's simply an experiential take on that heady, hedonistic moment between the end of youth and the beginning of adulthood – when everything seems possible and the present feels eternal. We're still buzzing off the second-hand high.

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