Dragons, Euclidean Puzzles and Dinosaurs: Watch iPhone's Augmented Reality in Action

iOS 11 delivered reality augmentation

Apple's latest update for the iPhone hit today, iOS 11, bringing with it not just a bunch of tweaks and new features to the operating system, but also more powerful augmented reality apps.

Augmented reality, unlike virtual reality, doesn't try to completely recreate everything you see. Instead, AR simply augments what you're looking at with overlays or 3D models. In the case of some of the early AR apps using Apple's ARKit, that means dropping teeny tiny zombies onto your dresser, a pet dragon on your end table and opening a gateway to a dinosaur in your den.

In the video above (captured, by the way with another iOS 11 feature: direct screen recording), I show off a few games and an app, all either updated to feature AR modes or built entirely around augmented reality.

In order, the video shows you ARise, Monster Park, Zombie Gunship Revenant, AR Dragon, Sky Guide and Euclidean Lands. More AR apps are popping up on Apple's store in a steady stream now, so I'm sure there's much more to test out. I also avoided mixing in any apps that used a horizontal view, which would have mess up the video montage.