Watch: 43 Minute Hands-On With 'The Evil Within 2'

A menagerie of disturbing creations

Watch: 43 Minute Hands-On With 'The Evil Within 2'

The Evil Within 2 is every bit as unsettling as its predecessor. During my time with it at a recent New York City event, I may not have ever jumped in fear, but I did find myself muttering, half-marveling at the strange creations that inhabit the time-shattered world of Shinki Mikami's latest creation.

In this sequel, you take on the role of Detective Sebastian Castellanos at his lowest point. Given a chance to save his daughter, Castellanos rushes into a strange, warped world powered by twisted nightmares. Partnering with an organization known as Mobius, Castellanos has to descend into the world of Union, which they created, on the hunt for his daughter.

My time with the game, as you'll see in the video above, was neatly bookended with two major encounters. The first is a creature made up of the body parts of rended human body parts: A monstrous thing of too many heads that skitters around the opening level trying to, I assume, dismantle me.

Later, after a bit of exploration into the eery world, I encounter a bizarre photo-machinima creation that seems able to freeze time by taking pictures with its head. 

Even with the small amount of time I spent inside The Evil Within 2, it's obvious that this is going to be a disturbing, perhaps frightening creation.