How I Play: Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki talks about how he always has to bet on the outcome of video game matches

How I Play: Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is taking his music out of the club and into the casino with the first ever skill-based video game gambling machine: Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream

In this video Aoki discusses his interest in gaming – from making them to playing them to co-owning esports team Rogue – and plays Injustice 2 against a member of his team. He also talks about some of his all time favorite games from Skate or Die to Call of Duty.

In this first season of How I Play, Glixel brings you a series of intimate stories about the passion for gaming of musicians, actors and sports stars, offering rare insight into what they play, how they got into games and their personal gaming set-ups for on the road and in the home.

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