'Game of Thrones' Stars on 'Carpool Karaoke': Assassin Says 'Itsa Me, Mario"

Onscreen sisters Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner goof off, impersonate Ned Stark in spirited, funny new behind-the-wheel installment

Things may be tense right now between the Game of Thrones' Stark sisters, but off set the two seem to love hanging out and being goofs.

Take, for instance, the recently released extended cut for their episode of Carpool Karaoke, where Maisie Williams goads Sophie Turner to take turns with her mocking their on-screen dead dad's stern way of speaking.

"I've prepared us a game," she says in her best/worst impression of Ned Stark.

The idea is for both to speak lines from Williams' piece of paper, while imagining standing on The Wall staring out at a sea of wildlings. The two take turns going through lines from The Lion King, a Sir-Mix-a-Lot song and then, my personal favorite, quote gaming's very popular mustachioed plumber, Mario.

You haven't lived until you hear a tiny Faceless assassin say in Ned Stark's voice: "Itsa me, Mario"