The Best (Overlooked) Games of 2017

Ten hidden gaming gems you may have missed in 2017

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Pit People

Pit People

While Behemoth is a developer instantly recognizable by its signature cartoonish, over-the-top art style, with Pit People they prove that they’re not similarly confined to making games in any one particular style or genre. Far from the frenetic action of Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid, Pit People is a turn-based tactics game that tasks players with guiding a grieving father through a world ravaged by apocalyptic catastrophe. That’s not to suggest that Behemoth’s trademark ridiculousness isn’t present in Pit People; if anything, it’s more pronounced than ever. The aforementioned apocalypse, for instance, is the result of a gigantic space teddy bear colliding with the world, and as the game progresses players can pad out their party with creatures like a sentient cupcake or violent mushroom. All the funhouse madness never detracts from the core game, however, a take on tactical RPGs that manages to be both simple and surprisingly strategic.

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