The Best (Overlooked) Games of 2017

Ten hidden gaming gems you may have missed in 2017

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Golf Story

Golf Story

It’s been a rough couple of years for golf games, but 2017 was a ray of hope for a sub-genre that seemed in danger of disappearing. Not only did we get the excellent Everybody’s Golf, but this year also delivered a fascinating blend of JRPG and 16-bit sports in the form of Golf Story on the Switch.

Golf Story is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s handheld because of the way it offers bite-size challenges you can easily tackle during your commute, but also enough depth (and length) to suck you in for longer sessions at home. It’s also a shining example of retro game done right, mixing 16-bit art and design with modern convenience and never leaning too hard into the nostalgia play. For anyone that misses the days of huddling around a SNES and hacking your way around some pixelated links, Golf Story delivers a welcome, fresh version of those games you so fondly remember but don’t actually want to dig out of the closet.

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