Super NES Classic Edition Unboxing, 'Star Fox 2' Hands-on Video

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition just showed up on our doorstep and boy were we excited to pop the box open and have a look.

Below you'll find some shots of the box and its innards, including the tiny, fully-functional, pre-loaded Super NES and its controllers.

We can't stream any gameplay just, but I can compile a few gameplay videos for you to check out. Make sure to check back on this post in a bit for those. I'll add them to the bottom of the gallery.

Until then, enjoy your traipse through a virtual unboxing.

The SNES Classic is expected to be released on September 29th. Along with a slew of classic games, like Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Street Fighter II Turbo. The console will also launch with Star Fox 2, marking the first time the game's seen an official, commercial release since its cancellation two decades ago. To get ready for it, why don't you read our feature on how Star Fox 2 was made. 

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has been pretty clear that if you want this system, you'll be able to buy it without having to go to eBay.

Make sure to scroll all the way through the images, we've added some gameplay videos, including a section of Star Fox 2 at the bottom.