Zen Studios Cancels Upcoming 'Pinball FX3' Switch Update

"[W]e simply don't have the bandwidth"

A new update for the Switch port of Pinball FX3 meant to improve resolution and framerate has been cancelled, developer Zen Studios recently announced on Reddit.

The company writes that it was "premature" when announcing the patch for the Switch late last year. The idea of a patch first came up when players complained about the game's framerate on Twitter. Zen initially said it would patch the game to fix the issue, but then it ran into a problem. 

"We found that there was no 'universal' method to do this and each table would require a lot of separate work," the developer writes, adding it didn't have the "bandwidth" in its QA department to make the update. Instead of telling its fans, the company writes that it sat on the information for a bit, contemplating what to do.

Redditors were less than enthused about this week's update: "Promise big patches and improvements to get the sales boost at launch, then quietly cancel the improvements you said were coming a few months later..not sure why I should trust your company in the future," one wrote. 

"This is not acceptable," another added. "I bought tables based on your promise to deliver a framerate patch. Since this is no longer true, you should have no problem refunding my purchase, as a responsible company should do, right?"

Despite these issues, new game tables are performing better, the company says, encouraging players to check out its "Son of Zeus" table, which it released for free across all platforms last December. Pinball FX3's DLC tables range anywhere from $2.99 to $9.99 in cost. 

Zen didn't clarify any future plans it has to rectify these shortcomings. We've reached out to the company for comment and will update the story should we hear back.