You Can Now Buy a 'Dark Souls 2' Cat Ring

Eliminate falling damage for $155

Credit: TorchTorch

First seen in Dark Souls 2 where it helped reduce falling damage, and then again in Dark Souls 3 where it is given to you by Sirris at Firelink Shrine as thanks for helping her kill Creighton at the bridge in Irithyll, the Silvercat ring is a handy thing to have. While it doesn't save you from instant death falls, like stepping off a cliff, it does help save you from yourself at times.

To celebrate the love of both cats and not falling off things, TorchTorch in Japan has crafted this faithful recreation of the Silvercat ring in sterling silver. It's available in four different sizes: the smallest being a US size 5 (listed as "ladie's") and then small, medium and large sizes that are US 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 respectively. The rings are currently available for pre-order from the company's store, priced at $155.

TorchTorch has a whole line of Dark Souls-themed merch, including a Ring of Steel Protection, Havel's Ring, and a number of tastefully designed shirts. You can find the store page here.