Worker Morale is Not Low, 'Witcher' Dev CD Projekt Red Says

"We believe reinventing the wheel every friggin' time is what makes a better game"

Worker morale at CD Projekt Red, the polish studio responsible for The Witcher series and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, is not low, despite what some fans may think, the company recently said in a press release addressing the issue.

The need to address this concern, as pointed out by the company, comes from certain reviews left by former – or, ostensibly, current – employees on sites such as Glassdoor, painting CD Projekt Red in a negative light.

The first issue the company addresses is employee departures after the release of its most recent game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. During the project, the developer says, it had beefed up its staff to more than 200 developers – and has since about doubled that for its current projects. That doesn't mean, though, people didn't leave. Game development is notoriously hard, and CD Projekt's own approach is, as the company says, "not for everyone."

The studio adds it took five years to make the first Witcher. When it set out to develop its sequel, it created its own engine. For Wild Hunt, it wanted to make its first open world game – something the game became renowned for based on its sheer size and depth. "Every role-playing game we ever developed seemed impossible to achieve at the moment we set out to create it," the developer said.

This method has, apparently, left a sour taste in some people's mouths about the working conditions they had to endure while with the company. But, while it says it maintains a focus on making CD Projekt a good place to work, it's not going to diminish its ambitions.

"We believe reinventing the wheel every friggin' time is what makes a better game," the developer said. "It's what creates innovation and makes it possible for us to say we've worked really hard on something, and we think it's worth your hard-earned cash."

CD Projekt's next game, Cyberpunk 2077, currently does not have a release date, and going by this recent statement, it looks like the company is more than willing to take its time.