Women Athletes Won Big on Mobile Esports Platform Skillz in 2017

They made up 70 percent of the top ten top-grossing players.

Mobile esports platform Skillz today announced its top-grossing athletes of 2017, and women were the biggest winners. The top ten players grossed over $2.7 million in prizes, and women accounted for 70 percent of that list.

“There’s a reason Skillz games have been a big part of my daily life for several years,” said Alex Heitmann, who ranked in the top 10 for the second year in a row. "I've always loved competing with others to become the best, but I never thought I’d be able to earn a living playing video games."

The top mobile esports athlete on the list, a woman who goes by the username "yutourmaline" claimed over $420,000 in prize money last year. Skillz says the competitors are ranked based upon total tournament prizes won by each player, excluding any entry fees paid to enter.

Here is the full list of winners and their total earnings:

  1. Yutourmaline, $420,994

  2. KatieNguyen, $380,984

  3. Jopip, $329,670

  4. Jwrober, $252,762

  5. ~SwiPeS~ (f.k.a. LLYW999), $252,685

  6. LegalEnormousPhds, $236,591

  7. HestiaX, $229,952

  8. ChocoPie, $228,508

  9. Chris_930, $219,434

  10. Kmamba1090, $215,554