Somehow 'Wolfenstein II' Made Controlling a Fire-Breathing Robot Dog Boring

Watch a Panzerhund Level in Action

Somehow 'Wolfenstein II' Made Controlling a Fire-Breathing Robot Dog Boring

"You might have a chance to ride a Panzerhund today."

It was presented like a sort of treat, the pay-off of playing through our latest hands-on time with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The armored, fire-breathing Panzerhund are a challenging foe in MachineGames Nazi-themed shooter. Having a chance to hop on one and turn it against it's creators sounded like a highlight of the game.

It wasn't.

After sitting through another wonderful cut-scene introducing the whys and hows of the converted Panzerhund, I was dropped into a level astride the robotic beast and almost instantly felt underwhelmed. The creator had the option of breathing fire or delivering a damaging melee attack, but the result always seemed to have a much less visceral feel than did the sense of destruction delivered at the hands of the game's protagonist.

I also felt essentially invulnerable, wiping out any need to be careful or stalk my enemies. Minutes into the level, I found myself almost bored, wondering if I had somehow missed some other form of weapon or ability in the Panzerhund. When it finally caved in to the ceaseless fire of Nazis, I hopped off the smoking shell and went back to enjoying my time in the game.