Will Arnett is Hosting This Year's Minecon Earth Event

The event kicks off on November 18th

Actor Will Arnett will be co-hosting the first Minecon Earth event, developer Mojang announced today. Will Arnett is known for his roles in TV shows such as Arrested Development and films such as Despicable Me.

"Will tells us he's keen to develop his Minecraft skills and what better way to do that than co-hosting Minecon? Actually, we can think of lots of better ways, but we're still thrilled that he's co-hosting with [Mojang brand director] Lydia," the developer said about the partnership.

Minecon Earth marks the first year since 2010 to not have a physical Minecraft convention. The event will be online-only this year round, broadcast for free on a variety of streaming platforms. Viewers will still be invited to particiapte during the event, as well as submitting their own creations. The event takes place on November 18th.