'Wilds' is the Mystery Game From Minimalist Mobile Gaming Studio Dots

It's out this year and could have RPG mechanics


The trailer for the new game from Dots, the studio behind the minimalist and aesthetically pleasing games for your smartphone, gives very little away. It's a dude in some woods and a glowing orb followed by the title Wilds

It's more of a mood piece than an indicator of what the next game from the Dots, Two Dots and Dots & Co studio might actually look like, but there are hints on the studio's jobs page. Right now they're asking for someone with "familiarity with the casual puzzle and puzzle RPG genres, including the systems that power those games."

What's most noticeable is that Wilds will be the first game to break away from the "Dots" brand, so it would be natural for the gameplay to make a change too.