Where Was 'Stardew Valley' in Nintendo's Indie Livestream?

The hit farming sim was conspicuously absent.

Credit: Chucklefish Games

Nintendo held a pre-PAX livestream event yesterday spotlighting the many indie titles coming to the Switch. But, one game was conspicuously absent – Stardew Valley.

Nintendo made a big deal about the popular farming sim/RPG during a similar indie showcase earlier this year. It's a great fit for the handheld, and the Switch version will be the first to take advantage of its new multiplayer mode. So, why wasn't it part of today's stream?

Stardew Valley for Switch is "coming along very well," according to a tweet yesterday from Chucklefish Games CEO Finn Brice. "The last known bugs have been fixed and we're submitting for testing this week." The team also said in a recent blog post it won't announce a release date until the game is close to launch, "when we're at least 95 percent certain that nothing will go terribly terribly wrong." None of this really explains the game's absence from today's event however. We've reached out to Chucklefish Games and to Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone. We'll update this story if we hear back.

Update: Chucklefish got back to us this morning. "Stardew Valley didn't appear in Nintendo's livestream, but it did appear in the sizzle reel they put up yesterday!" Community Manager Molly Carroll says. "As Tiy mentioned in a tweet [on August 29th], Stardew Valley is in testing and we'll have more news soon."