SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sell-Out Overnight, More Expected Today

Amazon, Walmart Sold-Out, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy soon

Nintendo's official page for its upcoming Super NES Classic Edition retro console now lists a half-dozen stores where customers can pre-order the console. But at least two of those stores appear to have already sold out of their initial stock.

Both Amazon and Best Buy's pre-orders went live early this morning and sold out in less than 30 minutes, according to Kotaku. (Which has a great zinger on the apparent screw-up). 

The remaining stores  – GameStop, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us – have yet to list their pre-orders. So if you're looking to grab one of these likely hard-to-find consoles, it's probably a good idea to start camping those online stores right now. We'll update this post when we see the pre-orders go live on the sites, so feel free to camp out here as well.

The SNES Classic Edition ships Sept. 29. The system is pre-loaded with 21 games and will cost $79.99. It ships with two wired controllers, an HDMI cable, USB charging cable and AC adapter. Among the many classic titles included is one that has never been released before: Star Fox 2.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that the SNES Classic Edition will include the ability to rewind gameplay so players can get a second chance at missed items, jumps or whatnot.

Update: Pre-orders haven't gone live again yet, but people who snagged some overnight are already flooding eBay with offers typically topping $200 a pop.

Update 2: The official Nintendo page for the Super NES Classic Edition no longer lists stores where the console is available for pre-order. It looks like that may have gone live a bit too early today. Stay-tuned for more updates.

Update 3: GameStop says that they’re officially taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition starting today. You can pre-order either online or by going into a store. There will be five different bundles available as well as a standalone pre-order. Customers will have to put down a $25 deposit to receive their SNES console on the September 29th launch day.

A GameStop spokesperson also told Glixel that there will be a limited number of the consoles available for purchase on the day or release for those who miss out on the pre-orders. No word on when today the pre-orders will go live, but we've asked and will update this post when they do.

Update 4: Target pre-orders are live.

Update 5: GameStop tells Glixel that pre-orders for the console should be live in stores as of now and that they'll be going live on the website right here. No timing yet on when today.

Update 6: As could have been predicted, finding stores that are accepting pre-orders and have consoles in stock is turning out to be a bit of a mess. I suggest using this tracking site. (Which I've been using for a few years now)