NES Classic Makes One Last, Expensive, Appearance

ThinkGeek has some weird NES bundles

Online gadget, gizmo and oddities retailer ThinkGeek just rolled a hidden supply of the impossible-to-find Nintendo NES Classic consoles, but you're going to need to buy other bits and pieces to get one.

The NES Classics come in six different bundled flavors, ranging in price from $140 to $220. They all include the console along with things like canvas art prints, video game-themed toys and, mugs and clothing.

If you're willing to pay the extra cash (the system itself sells for $60), you should hop over there pronto before the hard-to-find consoles are all gone.

Lest your forget, the NES Classic was discontinued by Nintendo in April.

The Classic is a mini version of the 1985 Nintendo console and comes pre-loaded with 30 classic games and includes an HDMI cable and one controller.