Watch WWE's John Cena play Nintendo Switch

The WWE star and actor is, apparently, the face of Nintendo's new console


It's officially Nintendo Switch day, and apparently the human embodiment of this sacred occasion is WWE star and actor John Cena. The latest video from Nintendo shows the big guy playing Zelda and getting down to some 1-2-Switch with the general public. 

Cena tweeted about the Nintendo Switch and Zelda about a week ago with the #ad to show it was paid for content, leaving the only real question as why John Cena? According to an interview with Sports Illustrated he was a big fan of Nintendo games growing up, so it's not totally crazy that he signed an endorsement deal with the company.

"The thing that attracted me most was you could go as far into the games as you wanted," he says in the interview. "You could sit down and read the instructions, and this is how geeky I get, you could subscribe to Nintendo Power, which was before the internet cheat sheet. Famous games, like Punch Out, even without the code, Contra, the Metal Gears of the world, even Kung Fu, one of the original eight-bit titles, you’d get to a certain level but you couldn’t get past it without buckling down and putting some hours into the game."