Watch This Impressive 'Overwatch' Fan Film About Mercy

Brush up on your 'Overwatch' lore and see Mercy and Widowmaker in action

Lupin Productions

We don't have an official Overwatch movie yet, but you can still get your live-action fix with this fan movie about Mercy created by Lupin Productions.

The ten minute short explores the backstory of Angela Ziegler – better known as Mercy – her childhood with her father, a glimpse of her life on the battlefield and a confrontation with Widowmaker. It was written by Grayson Peters with Amber Nicole Adams playing Mercy. When she's not donning the famous wings Adams is an EDM singer, make up artist and vocalist in the band Emerald Anchor.

"Mercy was a great first choice from the characters in Overwatch to show on film," says Peters. "She is easily one of the most likeable and popular video game characters out there right now, but I wanted to explore deeper than anybody else had so far. Our costume designer, Marissa Gomez-Perez, had once talked about a 'gender swapped' Mercy cosplay for me last year, and it gave me an idea. Instead of a male Mercy, I could create her father, who we now know as Branam Ziegler, create a story around them, and film it."

Peters also felt that the idea of losing a parent was relatable for everyone, even people who aren't familiar with the world of Overwatch. Writing the story allowed him to tap into the powerful dynamics within families. "Mercy is a healer, a guardian angel for those around her; she yells 'heroes never die!' when she is reviving fallen comrades," says Peters. "Why? What impacted her in such a way to make her say that phrase? All the lore we really know stated her parents were lost to war, so from the get go, it had to be a tragic story with her father, but a moving one."

Lupin Productions is a small Tennessee based company and Peters wanted to show that a video game movie doesn't have to be a niche product. "I've always believed the medium of video games is underused...and sometimes misused, when it comes to live action films, and I wanted to try and change that," he says. "Not coming from a film background, I could only go on what I knew and what I watched my whole life, but in my desire to make more films in the future, I had to do something big. I may not be able to produce a two hour video game film (and it still be good anyway), but I could find funding and produce a ten minute, high quality film that proves the point."