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Watch This Guy Control His Home With a 'Zelda' Ocarina

Allen Pan can unlock his front door, call his phone and water his plants with an ocarina and 'Zelda' tunes

Allen Pan

There's being a Zelda fan, and then there's being a Zelda fan who trusts an ocarina to unlock his front door. Allen Pan is that fan, an inventor who created a home automation system that responds to The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time melodies. 

'Zelda's Lullaby' unlocks and locks his front door, 'Sun's Song' turns on the lights. Obviously 'Bolero Of Fire' turns on the heating. He can even water his plants with 'Minuet Of Forest.' Allen built the system with a microphone and a Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

It's not his first crazy project. He's made a sword out of actual blood (inspired by anime tropes), Thor's Mjolnir and a version of X-Men's Cerebro.