Watch the Titanic Sink in 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Modders recreate the famous ship, complete with Jack and Rose


Put on a Celine Dion CD and marvel at the most impressive Grand Theft Auto mod video we've seen yet - the freakin' Titanic.

Admittedly it's the Titanic like you've never seen it before. Yes, it has its own Jack and Rose but they’re a little more millennial than the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio versions. Also, that stiff-upper-lip band that played on as the ship sank has been replaced by a jaunty mariachi ensemble. The layout and attention to detail for the actual ship is insane though – and just like the real thing, it sinks.

This video is the work of modder and YouTuber MkElite, AKA Muhammad Khan, who has created plenty of Internet-famous mods in the past. The NBA 2K14 'Space Jam' mod? That was one of the projects he worked on. Khan uses a mix of modding (only possible in Grand Theft Auto V on PC) and video editing to create his own version of the movie's climactic scenes. In the commentary for this video he explains that in order to recreate the scenes of people sliding off the vertical, sinking Titanic, he had to shoot them in the head, which some might argue might have made for a more exciting movie. You'll also notice some modern lighting above the Titanic, that's so Khan could get the right look for his videos.

The Titanic itself is the work of Kyle Hudak, 26 year old 3D modeler from the United States, who created the ship. He's working on his own game, an upcoming action/adventure/mystery set aboard the ship called Titanic: Honor and Glory. Modder KAFAROS transplanted it to Grand Theft Auto V

Check out more of Khan's work on his YouTube channel, the tsunami apocalypse in Los Santos is particularly worth seeing.