Watch the Latest Mesmerizing Trailer for 'Tokyo 42'

New look at the indie focuses on murder multiplayer and a helpful cat

Mode 7

Check out the latest trailer for indie game Tokyo 42, an open-world shooter that describes itself as the "lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1." It's out on May 31.

The game puts you in the role of an assassin, using stealth and bullets to survive the perfectly rendered isometric city scenes. This trailer focuses on the multiplayer elements of the game including the intriguing feline feature Trackacat that can be deployed to help hunt your human prey. 

The game is coming for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC developed by SMAC (brothers Sean and Maciek Strychalski) and published by Mode 7, the developer of Frozen Synapse.

The delicious music for the trailer is called 'Kyrie' comes courtesy of Beat Vince, (aka Vicente Espi) who composed the whole soundtrack for the game.