Watch the 'Destiny 2' Teaser Featuring Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6

The full trailer is coming on March 30, but in the meantime check out this quick teaser

'Destiny 2' "Last Call" teaser trailer ahead of this week's full trailer Bungie

Bungie has confirmed that a full trailer for Destiny 2 will be coming this Thursday, March 20 – but in the meantime the studio has served up this enjoyable piece of fan-service featuring Nathan Fillion's lovable rogue Cayde-6. The rambling, minute-long monologue sees Fillion channeling his Firefly character Captain Mal through the popular Exo Vanguard, as he sits in a bar while the Last City burns around him.

Expect the trailer this week to be accompanied by more details on the story, along with – no doubt – final confirmation that the sequel will be coming to PC as well as PlayStaton 4 and Xbox One. There'll no doubt be mention of versions optimized for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, too.