Watch the Blood Feud-Fueled 'Tekken 7' Opening Movie

Turns out the Mishima family is still in need of some serious therapy


And you thought your family had issues. The opening cinematic for Tekken 7 has been released into the wild and doubles down on the father-son conflict that lies at the bruised heart of the series. 

The game will be released on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and PC on June 2 and producer Katsuhiro Harada Tekken 7 has already promised fans some closure on the Mishima family saga, and an explanation for that whole 'devil gene' thing. New fighters on the roster include Heihachi's wife and Kazuya's mother Kazumi Mishima and Akuma from Capcom's Street Fighter.

It's good to see that despite hitting it's ninth installment with Tekken 7, the series hasn't lost any of its balls out madness when it comes to the lore.