Watch Stylish Miss Fortune Short From 'League of Legends' Animators

The League Animation Workshop showcases the bounty hunter of Bilgewater


League Of Legends bounty hunter Miss Fortune is the subject of this latest animation, titled 'Surrender.' It's the work of developer Riot's League Animation Workshop. The music is the track 'Beast' from Nico Vega.

In the short we see Miss Fortune deal with enemies, and a spider, with ruthless efficiency. It's a fitting tribute to Bilgewater's finest champion. It was designed as an "animatic (moving storyboards that provide a blueprint for a CG production)" to test a new technical pipeline.

The League Animation Workshop is "a collection straight from the workstations of Riot animators, exploring familiar champions in vastly different styles, techniques, settings, and moods," according to Riot's Dylan Buck. "Some of what you’ll see is standard 'fight porn'like a ninja slicing and dicing a squad of Noxians. Other animations hint at a world outside the frame, or give an impression of what champions are like when they’re not busy bashing one another on the Rift. All represent the craft and care that gives the champions of League of Legends a life beyond the game."

A new animation featuring ninja Zed tomorrow.