Watch Scarlett Johansson Play Virtual Reality 'Pictionary' In Google's Tiltbrush

'Ghost In The Shell' star and 'SNL' Cast Member Michael Che take on Dove Cameron and Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Scarlett Johansson, currently busy on the promotion trail for Ghost In The Shell, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a spot of virtual reality Pictionary. The game followed the normal rules – draw the object written on your card – but this time the players had to do it in the virtual reality art application Tiltbrush

Johansson was partnered up with Saturday Night Live's Michael Che and Fallon with Descendants star Dove Cameron. The teams had to draw things like a clown car, a pinball machine, the term "head in the clouds" and "spring chicken." Johansson and Che won the game, but the real winners are HTC who got to see movie star Johansson make their Vive VR headset look almost cool. 

"Whoah this is trippy, oh my gosh," says Johansson as she tries to draw a pinball machine. "Oh my god I'm getting nauseous."

Ghost in the Shell, in which Johansson plays cyborg The Major, will be released on March 31.