Watch Russian YouTuber Skydive With His Nintendo Switch

Valera Boluchevsky and Richard Chirkin's tribute blows the real Switch commericals away

Valera Boluchevsky & Richard Chirkin

There are plenty of Youtube videos about the new Nintendo Switch, but only this one features The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild being played during a skydiving session. The short action movie, created by Russian YouTubers Valera Boluchevsky and Richard Chirkin, is a celebration of all things Switch with added adrenaline. 

Boluchevsky is a skydiver who runs half marathons in his spare time, and who admits on social media that he's surprised he didn't drop the Switch during filming. Chirkin is a Nintendo fan you can be found on Twitch playing games like Hearthstone. 

Nikolay Uvarov, Aleksander Vershinsky and Olya Awesome – who appears at the end of the video – also helped in the making of "Banana Switch." The music is 'Smooth McGroove Remixed' by Grimecraft. The video already has 156,000 views and counting, expect there to be plenty more before the internet gets over it.