Watch Latest Chaotic Trailer for 'Lawbreakers' as it's Announced for PlayStation

Cliff Bleszinski’s team based shooter is coming to PS4 and Windows PC

Boss Key Productions

Cliff Bleszinski, the video game designer who made his name on massive shooters at Epic Games, has made a deal to bring his new game, Lawbreakers, to PlayStation 4. 

Lawbreakers, developed by Boss Key Productions and once known by its codename BlueStreak, is a skill-based team shooter that plays with gravity. The game was already announced for PC but this PlayStation release opens it up to a whole new audience of console run and gun fans. There will be PlayStation 4 Pro support but no cross-play. As Bleszinski put it to a gamer on Twitter this morning, "cross play is dumb, buddy."

A PC beta is already underway and Boss Key Productions is taking names for the PlayStation beta too. Just head on over to the official site to get on the list.