Watch John Oliver Battle to Save Net Neutrality. Again

'Last Week Tonight' host pleads with viewers to fight for the open internet

Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Last Week Tonight

During Sunday's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver again turned his attention to the subject of net neutrality, the "objectively boring" topic that has the potential to dramatically impact your experience using the Internet. For those of you who don’t know, net neutrality is the notion that internet service providers must treat all traffic equally. A truly open Internet means that companies can't pay your ISP to give preferential treatment to one website over another.

Back on its fifth episode in 2014 Oliver tackled the importance of the subject and urged viewers to visit the FCC's website and leave comments requesting that the open Internet be protected at all costs. During that segment he infamously compared FCC commissioner Tom Wheeler to a "dingo" and then appealed to internet trolls to do something useful. The segment was extremely successful, prompting more than 45,000 comments to be posted to the FCC's website within hours of the clip airing. Ultimately it even crashed the FCC site.

In his new segment, Oliver notes that the fight over net neutrality is back and highlights the current issues, Verizon's recent (misleading) video defending the company's position on the subject and Current FCC head Ajit Pai's comments that net neutrality rules are unnecessary. If you feel like you've perhaps been out of the loop on the latest when it comes to the fight for net neutrality, or could use a primer on what it might mean for you (and indeed, how you play, buy and connect online) Oliver's segment is a good primer.

As he did in 2014, Oliver is once again rallying his viewers to go and comment on the FCC site, even going so far as to redirect you to the comment form from the URL