Watch 'Hearthstone' Game Director's Rap Tribute to 'Journey to Un'Goro' Expansion

Reddit asked and Blizzard's Ben Brode delivered

Ben Brode

When Blizzard announced its latest expansion for its card game Hearthstone, 'Journey to Un'Goro', some fans were disappointed that it didn't get a musical trailer. So Reddit asked for one. Then it started a petition. Then the game's director, Ben Brode, delivered.

"How does this thread have 5k+ upvotes?" he tweeted yesterday, before sitting down to spit some Un'Goro inspired lyrics. Considering the tricky subject matter, an ancient jungle filled with elemental power, he does a respectable job with the song. 

Brode is a fan favorite for Hearthstone players, answering questions on social media and his distinctive laugh has become a meme within the community. Two years ago the Hearthstone subreddit even celebrated a Ben Brode day.