Watch Darius from 'League Of Legends' Take on the Wolves of the Freljord

The latest from the League Animation Workshop stars the fearless fighter

Riot Games

Riot Games is spoiling us this week with a series of new animations from its League Animation Workshop. Darius – AKA the Hand of Noxus – is the latest champion to appear in a short movie. 

"Darius: Fear was an opportunity to explore character by situating a champion completely outside of combat and their familiar in-game abilities. It was also a technical test, exploring a 3D character with 2D painted textures and a multi-plane, parallaxing environment," says Riot. 

In it we see Darius face off with a gang of Freljord wolves, and win. Like the animation for bounty hunter Miss Fortune and assassin Zed, these vignettes are "a collection straight from the workstations of Riot animators, exploring familiar champions in vastly different styles, techniques, settings, and moods."