Watch a Spooky Clip From VR Ghost Story 'Séance: The Unquiet'

Check out an exclusive clip from Holospark's upcoming virtual reality frightfest

Watch a Spooky Clip From VR Ghost Story 'Séance: The Unquiet'
Credit: Holospark

If there's one thing virtual reality is good at it's scaring the bejesus out of you. Ready to prove the point is Holospark, creator of The Impossible Travel Agency, with Séance: The Unquiet. It's a virtual reality experience ready to make the most of the immersive quality of the tech and update spooky stories for the headset generation. 

Glixel tried out the demo, which is available on Steam and the Oculus Store today and yes, it will make you jump. “Telling stories in this medium requires new tools and techniques, but fundamentally, we’re making an entertaining and frightening film with great characters and real emotion, using the very latest technology," says Art Director Bruce Sharp.

The full experience will be released later in 2017. Holospark is the Seattle indie studio behind co-operative shooter Earthfall.