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Vive's VR Motion-Trackers Hit Next Month, Bundles Announced

Trackers bring guns, rackets and you into the virtual world

Hyperkin Vive Blaster Credit: Vive's Daniel O'Brien

HTC Vive's motion trackers - which can be attacked to plastic guns, tennis rackets and your body - go on pre-sale today with an expected launch in mid-December, Vive announced today.

The company also revealed three bundles that include trackers and games that use them: a gun bundle, racket bundle and body-tracking bundle.

Hyper Blaster Bundle - $150
The Hyper Blaster brings a retro light gun to the Vive. When paired with Vive Tracker, which screws into the top of the plastic gun, the Hyper Blaster serves as both a gun and motion controller in integrated games such as Duck Season, Arizona Sunshine, The American Dream VR, Operation Warcade, TacticalAR, and Practisim VR. The Hyper Blaster will be sold exclusively through Amazon and includes Duck Season as a pack-in title, and one Vive Tracker, for $149.99.  In addition to the six titles integrated at launch, Vive is working with 10 additional developers to integrate the Blaster by Q1, according to the company.

Racket Sports Bundle - $150
Custom-molded and weighted to feel like real paddles and rackets, the Racket Sports Set is packaged for both Ping Pong and Tennis games. Connected via a screw, the two plastic peripherals are integrated with five titles. The bundle will sell for $149.99 and includes both Ping Pong and Tennis handles, a Vive Tracker and a pack-in redemption code for Virtual Sports from Vive Studios. Pre-orders are available today via Amazon, Abt Electronics, BH Photo, Fry’s, Gamestop, Micro Center and NewEgg with additional retailers expected. In addition to Virtual Sports, the Racket Sports Set is integrated with six titles today and expect an additional five by end of year.

TrackStrap Bundle - $25
You can also use straps to add the Vive Trackers to your feet, wrists, hips, or legs.

Rebuff Reality is selling TrackStrap, which attaches Vive Trackers to your feet and other body parts to enable full body tracking. A pair of TrackStraps is available now for $24.99 via and includes a pack-in redemption code for Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing on Steam, inspired by Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Audioshield. This bundle does not include the Vive Trackers though.

Dozens of developers have integrated body tracking into their experiences, including CloudGate Studios’ Island 359, which will launch a “Virtual Self” update on December 1, using Vive Trackers for full body tracking and movement. Additional compatible titles include Climbey, Holodance, High Fidelity and more.

You can also pick up the Vive trackers on their own for $100 each.