New 'Battlefield 1' Maps And Modes Teased For Next Month's Gamescom

eSports content inbound

Battlefield 1 Credit: EA

It looks like we'll be getting a look at a new content coming to its first person shooter Battlefield 1 next month at Gamescom, IGN reports.

Gamescom is an annual event held in Cologne, Germany. It is the biggest game event in the world.

Citing EA's first quarter investor call, CEO Andrew Wilson detailed said new maps and modes will be coming to the game, adding it will be the "richest Battlefield experience" yet. The outlet points out this may be in reference to the "Name Of The Tsar" expansion shown off last month at E3, though no specific mention was made.

Speaking later in the call, EA said the new content will be an eSports mode, though the IGN report didn't elaborate further on what that entailed. We can be sure to see more when Gamescom kicks off on August 22.

Battlefield 1 released last year on October 21. Seen as a response to the genre fatigue some players were having with military shooters focused on modern and futuristic timelines, Battlefield 1 took its players back to World War I, allowing them to play across the world in several different theatres. It has since gone on to be a massive success for EA with its multiplayer modes. In the same call (via VG247), EA announced Battlefield 1 recently passed another player milestone, with a 21 million player base as of this June.

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