Video Game Industry Unaware of Any Trump Meeting Next Week

Neither the ESA nor its members had been contacted as of Thursday evening.

President Donald Trump may be planning to meet with people from the video game industry next week about violence and video games, but so far no one contacted by Glixel nor the association that speaks for the industry have heard a word from the White House about it.

“ESA and our member companies have not received an invitation to meet with President Trump," according to a spokesman for the Entertainment Software Association. 

The spokesman for the association, which represents 34 companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sony Interactive Entertainment, went on to decry any attempt by the administration to link video games to an increase in violence in the real world.

“The same video games played in the US are played worldwide; however, the level of gun violence is exponentially higher in the US than in other countries," according to the spokesman. "Numerous authorities have examined the scientific record and found there is no link between media content and real-life violence.

“The US video game industry has a long history of partnering with parents and more than 20 years of rating video games through the Entertainment Software Rating Board. We take great steps to provide tools to help players and parents make informed entertainment decisions.”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a press briefing earlier today that Trump will be meeting with video game industry members.

"The president has met with a number of stakeholders," Sanders said. "Next week he'll also be meeting with members of the video game industry to see what they can do on that front as well. This is going to be an ongoing process and something that we don't expect to happen overnight, but something that we're going to continue to be engaged in and continue look for the best ways possible to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect schools across the country."

Her comment came in response to a question about why it sounds like there won't be any action in Congress next week regarding new gun legislation in connection to the most recent school shooting. And just last week Trump brought up the potential impact of violent media and video games on school-aged children

Researchers in the field contacted by Glixel also were unaware of any sort of upcoming meetings with the White House.